Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre


Project Commenced: March 2018
Project Completed: May 2018
Floor Area: 520sqm + 119sqm retail

Our task here was to provide a scoping study creating a must-see visitor destination and offering a thematic refresh to the interpretive content of the existing Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre.

Focusing on innovation, people and place, our vision gave visitors a lens through which to reveal and connect to the Snowy Hydro scheme, the local environment, the region, and its community. By designing a space to dwell, engage, and explore, we aimed to involve visitors in a contemporary, dynamic, interactive, and responsive conversation. Through their experience at the Discovery Centre, audiences could then connect out into the wider landscape.

Developing shared learning experiences for families, where parents and siblings work together to explore and learn, provides key moments for inter-generational connection among the primary visitor demographic. This also lends itself to school audiences, offering a platform for school students to engage in conversation and group learning.

One key moment that has been developed from this Scoping Study is an immersive theatre experience that maps the history and operation of the Snowy Hydro scheme. This projection offers a highlight for visitors, while the space itself can function as a multi-use space for special events.

A founding principle of our plan positions the redeveloped Snowy Discovery Centre as a place that is responsive, contemporary, and current. We envision the Centre as flexible and responsive, connecting visitors to the stories and activities that are relevant to the season. To do this, we have factored in change and evolution to exhibits, allowing visitors to focus on what is happening today in the Snowy Hydro story, and the surrounding High Country.

Client Snowy Hydro Limited. Project partner Mental Media.