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Minnie Doron

Graphic Designer
Diploma of Arts Graphic Design, RMIT University, Melbourne
Diploma of Arts Graphic Art, RMIT University, Melbourne
Graduate Certificate in Liberal Arts, Australian National University

Minnie has been working in the design field for more than 20 years, starting in textile design and then moving into graphic design in 1999. Throughout her design career she has worked across varied platforms, including publications, marketing, identity, community outreach and, since joining Thylacine, exhibition and interpretive design.

Within her role as graphic designer at Thylacine, Minnie has worked on a broad range of interpretive projects across the museum, cultural and tourism sectors, as well as in marketing and communications internally.

Minnie has a strong interest in the role of graphic communication and its potential to foster engagement, understanding, social change and a sense belonging for individuals and communities.