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Chantal Marks

Bachelor of Design Studies, University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Adelaide
Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation (Design), Victorian College of the Arts and University of Melbourne
Registered Architect in Victoria, No. 19474

Chantal has practised architecture and worked as a set designer for over a decade. She joined Thylacine in early 2018 with an enthusiasm to combine the order of her architectural experience with her more creative side as a set designer and painter.

Building all-encompassing worlds was a passion Chantal discovered when she landed some work as an amateur set designer. She painted colourful scenes on canvas flats in a range of styles from Van Gogh inspired landscapes to Kandinsky absurdist creations. Throughout her architecture studies she was fascinated by phenomenology and was driven to create site specific, sustainable designs. After several years of architecture practice, predominantly working in the residential and education sectors, Chantal undertook postgraduate studies in set design and learnt how to craft fully immersive environments. During her time at the VCA she was awarded the Trina Parker Scholarship. In 2016, Chantal completed her architecture registration exams Victoria. Chantal enjoys working on projects at Thylacine that are immersive, memorable and meaningful.